Participation and COVID

Jun 19, 2020 16:30 PM — 20:30 PM

Open debate in which we will talk about citizen participation in the times of Covid-19, how the health alarm affects the capacity for participation, how you can see participatory processes and actions transformed, what new tools we should start to introduce, who risks being left behind, and much more.

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
Architect. PhD. Lecturer. Life-long Learner. Transdisciplinary.

I love learning, teaching and researching, as well as sharing and visualizing data, specially with maps. I have a technical and social background and my multiple research interests are centered around the commodifications between cities, technology and society within informationalism and free culture paradigm. So far, I have applied that approach on the topic of social and spatial inequities.

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