The commodifications between ICTs and public space


Can Information and Communication Technologies be tools for observing and acting on heritage and public space from a contemporary perspective? If, on the one hand, ICTs are very useful for measuring, knowing and representing heritage -from the use of APPs and crowsourcing to Big data and augmented reality- they are also useful for its dissemination and sharing and, therefore, its preservation. In the most recent times, moreover, the creation of cultural initiatives based on technology opens an important niche of innovation and creativity, starting also from the younger generations.

Dec 13, 2018 16:00 PM
Diputación de Córdoba. Córdoba.
Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
Architect. PhD. Lecturer. Life-long Learner. Transdisciplinary.

I love learning, teaching and researching, as well as sharing and visualizing data, specially with maps. I have a technical and social background and my multiple research interests are centered around the commodifications between cities, technology and society within informationalism and free culture paradigm. So far, I have applied that approach on the topic of social and spatial inequities.

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