Crowdsourcing research: Accessible Zaragoza and PEST Project

In this seminar I will present two research projects that share a crowdsourced approach: Accessible Zaragoza and Post-Pandemic Equitable and Sustainable Transport. Accessible Zaragoza is an action-research project of collaborative mapping about urban accessibility in the city of Zaragoza (Spain) I led while I was lecturing at the School of Architecture and Technology at San Jorge University.

'Accessible Zaragoza' at Pint of Science 2018

Let me propose an exercise: close your eyes for a moment and imagine a person devoted to science and research. Almost certainly, you may have visualized a middle-aged man in a white robe and glasses who is doing “things” in a laboratory or in front of a computer, probably to solve a problem related to health, the environment or making a process more efficient.

'Accessible Zaragoza' is now on TV

During the last few years, I have hardly shown any activity on this website. This is because they have coincided with periods of considerable intensity, especially in terms of work. I already wrote about one of the main reasons, and today I would like to write about another other one: Accessible Zaragoza, the collaborative mapping project of aspects related to urban mobility and disability that I devised in the academic year 2015-16 within a chair at the Universidad San Jorge and in which I have been working as a principal investigator since then.