Managing R script dependencies: automagic and renv

In this first session of the WRUG reproducibility series, I introduce two methods to deal with library dependencies: {automagic} and {renv}

Visualisation tool for a grounded FEW Nexus

An open source prototype for a visual interface to support research and Food-Water-Energy Nexus engagements, designed collaborativelly as part of Creating interfaces’ WP4, developed by the Institute for Global Sustainable Development at the …

Streetscape Perception Modelling – Theoretical Considerations and Methodological Possibilities

The influence of features and properties of the urban built-up environment on people’s sense of safety and perception of beauty, social vibrancy, and walkability is a topic of interest of urban geographers, designers, planners, and environmental psychologists alike.

Some R Packages I would love to explore (October 2020)

These are some packages I have just discovered which I would like to try/use in the future. For future reference, I have added a brief description and links to source code: