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School routes in the Basque Country. Visualisation of data for the co-design of school routes from schools and with the children themselves. Website

Website development and CI infrastructure for QGIS' Spanish Association

A brief note on maps and feminism

As those who know me well know, I love maps: I like to see them, I like to make them and I like to use them to give answers to complex questions.

'Accessible Zaragoza' is now on TV

During the last few years, I have hardly shown any activity on this website. This is because they have coincided with periods of considerable intensity, especially in terms of work. I already wrote about one of the main reasons, and today I would like to write about another other one: Accessible Zaragoza, the collaborative mapping project of aspects related to urban mobility and disability that I devised in the academic year 2015-16 within a chair at the Universidad San Jorge and in which I have been working as a principal investigator since then.

Zaragoza's Social Risk Map

Design of a methodology for social analysis of public space that complements the design of current indicators of urban vulnerability applicable to urban regeneration processes.

Accessibility and collaborative information technologies. Cartographies for an inclusive city

Performative character of social action is an active force in the development of everyday life, in social organization and in the planning of urban environments. Despite the exponential increase in the availability of data describing our daily habits …

The use of a free cartographic platform, OpenStreetMap, for the collaborative mapping of the cyclability of Zaragoza

The technological development and proliferation of collaborative initiatives on the Internet has led to the emergence of OpenStreetMap, a free thematic mapping project aimed at distributing geographic data in an open manner. Compared to other online …

Accessible Zaragoza

Collaborative mapping project regarding urban mobility and disabilities.

Collaborative Mapping

Action-research group of enthusiasts aimed to foster citizen innovation and collective intelligence through Voluntary Geographic Informationand that result in collaborative maps at the service of citizens.

Mapas y drupal, o cómo no perderse en el intento

Es cada vez más habitual ver aplicaciones web o móviles en las que la geolocalización o los mapas juegan un papel importante. Drupal no es una excepción y es posible realizar mapas como, o …