Correspondant and Fundación Caja de Arquitectos' blog

In 2014, the Arquia Foundation initiated a divulgation project coordinated by Lorenzo Barnó and Agnieszka Stepien aimed to provide different perspectives on architecture in relation to the following thematic axes: Profession, Architecture and Society, Thought and Criticism, through a collaborative blog. I am proud to be one of those correspondants, writing about university studies, technology, maps and cities.

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
Architect. PhD. Lecturer. Life-long Learner. Transdisciplinary.

I love learning, teaching and researching, as well as sharing and visualizing data, specially with maps. I have a technical and social background and my multiple research interests are centered around the commodifications between cities, technology and society within informationalism and free culture paradigm. So far, I have applied that approach on the topic of social and spatial inequities.

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