Exhibition: 44 Young International Architects

Un momento del debate inaugural de la exposición

Curator, along with Félix Arranz, of the exhibition held at the Centre d’Art Santa Mònica during the “Arquiset ‘07 week” which brings together the work of the first works built by 44 European, American and Iberian studios. In addition, the exhibition is located and complemented in Barcelona with a private exhibition, which includes debates and original material from the seven professional studios resident in Catalonia: BB Arquitectes, Calderón-Folch Arquitectes, (house), dos punts arquitectura, lagula arquitectes, ON_A, Re- Arquitectos, which are included in the selection.

Also included in the exhibition is the projection of audiovisual material managed by AJAC, Agrupació de Joves Arquitectes de Catalunya.

The opening ceremony included an open debate in which Ferran Barenblit (director of CASM), Antonio Ortega (Coordinator of CASM activities), the seven studios resident in Catalonia and the artists sponsored by studios such as Rubén Martínez (YPSITE.net), Martí Anson, Octavi Comerón, among other artists listed in the Arxiu_Dossiers of the Centre d’Art SantaMòniCA.

Two central questions were addressed in the debate: The first question is “symptoms of the new versus the young: to what extent do you project -young architects- in an unlearned, unprejudiced way?” and the second explores “media strategies, social strategies, etc… legend and reality of the media success of architecture, in Barcelona, with respect to other manifestations and arts”. The debate will be moderated by Ferran Barenblit, director of CASM, Antonio Ortega, coordinator of CASM activities together with Félix Arranz and Carlos Cámara, from SCALAE ed. and the group of young architects and artists from Barcelona is invited to participate.

The selection of the 44 works and teams of young architects was proposed and resolved by a council made up of the curators of the event together with the architects: Victoria Acebo, Angel Alonso, Ada Yvars, Cristina Chu, Daniel Silberfaden, Edgar González, Patricia Muñiz, Luciano G. Alfaya, Susana Aparicio, José Juan Barba, Jorge G. de la Cámara, Josep Cargol, Juan Pablo Quintero, Michal Sulo, Esther Rovira, Alejandro Henriquez, Nicolás Valenzuela. Technical Secretariat: Laura Acosta (scalae ed.)

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
Architect. PhD. Lecturer. Life-long Learner. Transdisciplinary.

I love learning, teaching and researching, as well as sharing and visualizing data, specially with maps. I have a technical and social background and my multiple research interests are centered around the commodifications between cities, technology and society within informationalism and free culture paradigm. So far, I have applied that approach on the topic of social and spatial inequities.