Carlos Cámara-Menoyo

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo

Architect. PhD. Lecturer. Life-long Learner. Transdisciplinary.

University of Warwick

Oxford Brookes University

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

I am a versatile, transdisciplinary and passionate person with a mixed technical and sociological background: I’ve worked as an architect, drupal developer, project manager, lecturer, researcher and as a data scientist, doing data munging and visualization using R and dealing with geospatial data using QGIS.

My multiple research interests are framed within the Urban Studies, and more specifically around the commodifications between cities, technology and society. So far, I have focused on the topic of social and spatial inequities to find ways in which cities can be more sustainable and egalitarian, hence improving people’s well-being. +info about me.


  • Cities
  • Tecnology
  • Society
  • Commons
  • Maps
  • Data Science
  • Data Viz


  • PhD on Information and Knowledge Society, 2018

    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

  • Msc on Information and Knowledge Society, 2012

    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

  • MSC Architecture, 2004

    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya