Carlos Cámara-Menoyo

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo

Architect. PhD. Lecturer. Student.

University of Warwick

Oxford Brookes University

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

About me

Architect by the ETSA Vallés of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2004). Ph.D. in Information and Knowledge Society from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2018) with a thesis on Barcelona and new city models in the information and knowledge society with the title “Urban Commons: Lessons from Barcelona at the Beginning of 21st Century. A characterization proposal from the praxis." rated Excellent cum Laude and awarded the IND+I Science prize in the category Metropolitan Innovation Policies. Master in Computerization of Architectural Projects at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2004) and Master in Information and Knowledge Society at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2012).

My multi-disciplinary training and my multiple research interests are structured around the comodifications between city, technology and society within the framework of informationalism and free culture, aspects that I approach both from my academic professional side and from my activist side.

I am currently a researcher associate at Urban Transformations and Global Change (TURBA) of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and I am currently on a leave from Universidad San Jorge, where I have been working from 2009-2019 as a Lecturer at the School of Architecture and Technology, teaching Digital Tools, Open Classroom and Urbanism I and researching at the OpenSource Architectures research group. Since the academic year 2015-2016 until 2019 I led the action-research project Zaragoza Accesible, which has aroused acceptance and interest among members of local collectives and the disability sector as well as in the press and has recently been awarded with the García Mercadal accessit, awarded by the Colegio de Arquitectos de Aragón, in the category of removal of architectural barriers.

I have been a guest lecturer in the subject “Digital Fabrication” at the School of Artehicture at the Limerick Univeristy (2013), in the summer course Arquiredes organized in 2010 by the University of Granada and in the Vertical Workshop 2009 directed by Emilio Tuñón and Luís M. Mansilla in the International University of Catalonia (UIC) in 2009 directed by Emilio Tuñón and Luís M. Mansilla in the International University of Catalonia.

Complementary, I am also a reviewer in several journals, such as The International Journal of the Commons (International Association for the Study of the Commons), Eure, Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios Urbanos Regionales, Revista de Arquitectura (Catholic University of Chile) or URBS: journal of urban studies and social sciences (Universidad de Almería), where I recently (March 2018) joined the editorial team.

On my activist side, I cintribute to open and alternative projects and initiatives such as OpenStreetMap, QGIS, Cadáveres Inmobiliarios, Drupal or Mapeado Colaborativo, the action-research group I founded with Miguel Sevilla-Callejo in 2016 to promote the tools and knowledge to make open and alternative cartographies.

Additionally, I have also worked as a web developer and I have exploited my side as a divulgator as a member of the team of the XI edition of the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (2011) organized by the Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España, curating the travelling exhibition “Materia Sensible, jóvenes arquitectos catalanes”, together with Joan Vitòria and Pere Buil (2010-2012), the exhibition “44 Young European Architects”, together with Félix Arranz, as well as in the architecture documentary agency Scalae (2007-2009) and the direction of the magazine Arquitectura Plus during the years 2008 and 2009.

In 2004 I created +arquitectura, an architecture portal that I kept open until 2010 and that introduced me to the world of programming and free software and was one of the works selected for the 2008 Arquia/Proxima prize awarded by the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation. Years later (2009) I started my second journey in the world of digital entrepreneurship: ArchTLAS, a collaborative and online atlas of architecture. In 2006 I created my personal blog and, after several radical transformations such as the one you are reading, I keep it updated relatively frequently today at this same URL.


  • Cities
  • Tecnology
  • Society
  • Commons
  • Maps
  • Data Science
  • Data Viz


  • PhD on Information and Knowledge Society, 2018

    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

  • Msc on Information and Knowledge Society, 2012

    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

  • MSC Architecture, 2004

    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


Communication and teaching

(+900 teaching hours at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels)

Taks and projects' management






Maps and GIS




Markdown and reporting

(This whole site is written in markdown and love to make interactive reports with R)






A sample of my jobs


Associate Lecturer

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

April 2019 – Present Barcelona (Online)

Associate lecturer at Msc. In Cities and Urbanism:

  • Master Thesis Supervisor
  • Global Urbanism

GIS and participation technician


June 2018 – January 2019 Sant Cugat del Vallès
GIS Technician designing tasks' automation by QGIS Processing models for a project aimed to assess Building’s Energy consumption at city scale.

Research Associate

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

April 2018 – Present Barcelona
Research assistant at Urban Transformations and Global Change (TURBA) research group.

Research Assistant

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

June 2017 – December 2017 Barcelona
Research on digital fabrication and geography at Urban Transformations and Global Change (TURBA) research group. Data extraction, cleaning and analysis using webscrapping, APIs and visualization through plots and interactive maps using R, ggplot2 and tmap

Founder and Coordinator

Collaborative Mapping

April 2016 – Present Zaragoza
Action-research group of enthusiasts aimed to foster citizen innovation and collective intelligence through Voluntary Geographic Informationand that result in collaborative maps at the service of citizens. +info

Product owner


March 2013 – March 2015 Cornellà de Llobregat

Web development using drupal and agile methodologies (SCRUM). I made the following tasks (depending on the project):

  • Project Manager
  • Junior developer
  • Techical Support
  • Documentation
  • Wireframes
  • Training


Sensitive Matter: 10 Catalan young architects

June 2010 – September 2012 Lisboa-A Coruña-Berlin-Barcelona
Itinerant exhibition’s curator, along with Pere Buil and Joan Vitòria, exhibited at Lisboa (NOGO Studio), A Coruña (Escuela de arquitectura), Berlin (AEDES Gallery) and Barcelona (Colegio de Arquitectos)

Lecturer and Researcher at the School of Architecture and Technology

Universidad San Jorge

September 2009 – August 2019 Zaragoza

Lecturer in:

  • Digital Tools
  • Urban Studies (1, 6)
  • Open Classroom
  • Post-graduate diploma

Researcher at OpenSource Architectures Research Group


Arquitecto especialista en tecnologías de la información


January 2007 – September 2009 Barcelona
Gestión de contenidos digitales, publicaciones y eventos relacionados con la divulgación de arquitectura.

Arquitecto colaborador

Duque-Martin Arquitectura

January 2007 – August 2009 Barcelona
Realización de proyectos básicos y de ejecución. Visitas de obra.

Arquitecto colaborador

Modo arquitectura

January 2005 – December 2006 Barcelona
Realización de proyectos básicos y de ejecución. Visitas de obra.


Arquitectura Sin Fronteras

September 2004 – October 2009 Barcelona

Creador y webmaster de la web de la ONG para el desarrollo Arquitectos Sin Fronteras . Colaboraciones con el departamento de comunicación y mantenimiento de la web.

Tareas realizadas:

  • Creación, diseño, estructura, instalación y mantenimiento de la web actual de la ONG, entendida nono tanto como una web corporativa sino como una herramienta habitual de trabajo para los miembros de ASF con el objetivo de mejorar la comunicación tanto externa como interna y mejorar la productividad de los trabajadores.
  • Creación, diseño, estructura, instalación y mantenimiento de la itnranet de gestión de conocimiento
  • Creación, diseño, estructura y mantenimiento de la web anterior de la ONG
  • Administración de cuentas de correo

Arquitecto colaborador

Estudi d’arquitectura Xavier Sales

January 2002 – December 2005 Barcelona

Realización de proyectos básicos y de ejecución, primero como estudiante en prácticas y luego como arquitecto colaborador.

  • Desarrollo de proyectos básicos
  • Planos con Allplan 2002 , AutoCAD 2004
  • Modelos virtuales en con 3DStudio Viz4.